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Why is it important to start keto diet before OMAD

keto diet before OMAD

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Why is it important to start keto diet before OMAD


Staying fit and healthy is no more a choice. It is an absolute necessity. As more and more individuals are ready to be fit as a fiddle, numerous diet plans are doing the rounds. Thus choosing the right one from the many can be quite a task in itself. The most popular of the diet plans, intermittent fasting, seems to be the hero that the youth is swearing by these days. In this blog, let me take you through the extreme form of fasting, OMAD (One Meal  A Day) through the process of ketosis and its mind boggling benefits


What is keto diet ?

what is keto diet

The ketogenic diet is a very low-carb, high-fat diet. It drastically reduces your carbohydrate intake and replaces it with fat. This reduction in carbs makes your body ready to be in a metabolic state called ketosis.

It is during this time that your body becomes incredibly efficient at burning fat for energy. It also manages to transform fat into ketones in the liver, which supplies energy for the brain. Keto diet causes massive reductions in insulin and blood sugar level. Thus it just isn’t a boon for weight reduction but also for type 2 diabetes patients


What is OMAD? 

If you follow weight loss trends, then you’ve assuredly come across the idea of intermittent fasting, that is, no consumption for sixteen hours, then having meals during the remaining eight hours of the day. It’s difficult, but not grueling.

The OMAD diet, however, is the extreme. OMAD stands for One Meal a Day and no matter how horrific it initially sounds, it literally translates to one meal in one day. Fast for 23 hours straight and then have one generous meal in a 60-minute time frame. Of late, OMAD has been under the spotlight, winning hearts with its quick results. It is not only a foolproof weight loss method but also a way to manage chronic disease and other health issues.


Things to remember before starting OMAD


1) Maximum hydration

You are not permitted to eat more than once in a day but you must, and I reiterate, you must  keep up with your drinking: water, tea, coffee or less calorie beverages. Having a tall glass of water at regular intervals will be the need of the hour. It will not only keep you full but also aid the process of weight loss for sure.


2) Diet + Exercise = Weight Loss

Etch this equation in your heart before starting off your OMAD.  Only diet and no exercise will not affect the output of weight loss much. For maximising benefits of the diet, you need to workout. Strength training is an ideal combination with OMAD as fasting boosts your overall strength.


3) Include all food groups

That one meal you eat has to be well planned, and must include all food groups. A healthy meal needs to be a balanced one. Your meal will need to fulfill the requirement of nutrients and vitamins in the body and if it doesn’t, there can be ill consequences concerning your health.


4) Junk food is still a no

Hold your breath as what I am going to announce will be truly magical. Yes, you are free to eat whatever you want for that one meal. But not junk.

Even the OMAD diet needs you to make healthy food choices. So, fries, cookies and processed food will be a complete blunder.


5) Feeling sick? Stop!

The OMAD diet is crazy. Accepting the fact that you will eat only once in a day is itself very mentally taxing. But once you start off, things will fall into place, I can assure you. But anytime down the line, if you feel sick, exhausted, light headed, suffer from blackouts, get headaches, you must drop the diet immediately and start eating properly. Your body will always tell you when you have reached the limit. And ignoring its warnings will worsen your health.


6) Not for people with serious medical conditions

This diet is not at all advisable for people having health complications. For example, if a diabetic person goes without eating for 23 hours, you can well imagine what to expect as insulin level will drop sharply. Always refer your doctor before starting off with any kind of diet.

7) Your body should be efficient in KETOSIS

It is very very important before starting the OMAD your body should be able to work with ketons the alternative of glucose . This process is called. How long dose it take to go into ketosis? Well it depends you can read the article about the keto adaptive time for your body.

Why does your body need to go through ketosis before OMAD?

So why keto diet before OMAD is important? Ketosis is a metabolic state in which fat is the main fuel provider for the functioning of the body. When on a keto diet, levels of the hormone insulin go down considerably and fatty acids release from body fat. These fatty acids are transferred to the liver, where they are oxidized and turned into ketones which provide energy for the body. Ketones are able to cross the blood-brain barrier and provide energy for the brain in the absence of glucose.

When you start off with OMAD, the body is used to burning fat for energy and doesn’t look for glucose that is not present in your body in ample quantities anymore. If you haven’t achieved the state of ketosis or if ketones are not being produced, as per rule, the body will need glucose for functioning which will either adversely affect your body or kick you into having sweetened food. So starting keto diet before OMAD is very important .


In conclusion, I would like to say that, yes, fasting is excruciating.  But experts say most people adjust within 10 days after starting and that holds true for OMAD as well.

“Some people find fasting difficult for a number of reasons. They report that they find it hard to concentrate, they might feel weak or irritable, they feel hungry, they get constipated and they miss out on social interactions,” wrote Amy Hutchison, a researcher on obesity at the University of Adelaide in Australia.

thats why keto diet before OMAD is important . When you do keto diet for some time your body can cope with longer period of not eating something

Another caveat of OMAD is that it is too unrealistic for long-term. Most of us cannot live the rest of our lives eating one meal a day. And that’s perfectly fine. Successful weight loss is just about lesser calorie intake and more burning out.

Quick tips to stay motivated while you are fasting

  1. The reason why you want to lose weight, keep it playing on loop in your mind.
  2. You are bound to fail. You might end up eating more than once, but it is okay. You will do better the next day. Don’t give up.
  3. Maintain a weight loss journal. Keep weighing yourself.
  4. Celebrate your success
  5. Find social support

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