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Is corn keto-friendly? All about corn and keto

Is corn keto ?

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Is corn keto?

Corn is a very popular go-to food but is it keto safe? Is corn a good source of nutrients when we are practicing the keto-diet? Well, this article gives you the necessary details you need to know about it if you are considering having it during keto.

Corn is present in several food products like corn flour, corn syrup, corn oil, etc, and also in many packaged or processed foods.

Corn is also known as maize in some places was first found or originated in South America. The use of corn in various dishes is however practiced throughout the world.

Can corn be considered keto-friendly?

Corn can be considered as a starchy food with a moderate amount of carbs (which is relatively very high for keto-diet). So, according to a standard keto diet or SKD, the amount of carbs one should intake is less than or around 20gms per day. Getting overboard and consuming more carbs than this amount will cause us to fall out of ketosis.

One cup of corn contains approximately 41gms of carbohydrate. This suggests one cannot have corn during ketosis in a standard keto-diet. The carbs present in corn are mainly starch which is known to raise our blood sugar depending on the quantity of our food consumption.

There is also another kind of keto-diet known as targeted keto-diet or TKD, which allows the intake of carbs more than 20gms but less than 60 gms per day. This is because targeted keto-diet is meant for people who are engaged in some kind of active lifestyle or physical activities. A cup of corn which means 41gms of carbs cannot harm these people. So, in other words, a cup of corn won’t do any harm if you are willing to work the extra mile.

Nutritional profile

Corn is usually a yellow colored grain with a high amount of carbs in it along with natural fibers which are considered to be very good for bowel movements. Corn is also rich in minerals and vitamins with a relatively low protein and fat content. The nutritional profile of one cup of raw corn or maize is as follows:

Carbohydrates: 41gms

Proteins: 5.4gms

Fat: 2.1gms

Fiber: 4.6gms

Corn is also said to contain Vitamin C, Vitamin B1(Thiamine), Folate, magnesium and potassium in ample amounts.

Corn is also known to be gluten-free and can be eaten by a lot of people due to its high nutritional value. It also has essential antioxidants which are beneficial for health.

Some Health Benefits Of Corn

Here are some health benefits of consuming corn discussed below:

Due to the presence of antioxidants like Lutein and Zeaxanthin, corn is said to be great for the eyes. These above-mentioned antioxidants prevent cataracts and age-related macular degeneration(AMD). Studies show that a person intaking carotenoids like Lutein and Zeaxanthin had 43% lesser chances of macular degeneration with age.

Corn is also good for the digestive system and is known to prevent diverticular disease. The fiber present in corn is a completely natural dietary fiber that ensures proper bowel movement and makes sure we have no gut-related health issues. Fibers are also known to be good for the heart. However, corn is said to be a remedy for people having different kinds of inflammations, especially in the heart.

Knowing the limits of consuming corn in keto

Consumption of corn should be limited in a keto diet. One of the reasons is due to the presence of a fairly high amount of carbs. However, there are some other aspects of not consuming corn more often.

We often practice keto for health benefits other than weight loss like reducing blood sugar levels, reduce hunger, enhancing the skin quality and fixing digestive issues. Corn contains toxic producing compounds or fungi with them which produces aflatoxins which is harmful to us, especially for the liver, and can sometimes lead to liver cancer.

Another thing about aflatoxin is that it is genotoxic in nature which means it causes damage to the DNA. This may result in birth defects in future generations. It also acts as an immunosuppressant in our body and destroying our body’s immunity to infectious diseases.

Some keto-recipes for corn

If we want to have corn under the permissible limit, firstly we should follow a targeted keto-diet or TKD which allows us to have moderately high-carb food like corn. We can follow these ways of having corn.

Sweet corn, cobs, Corn, kernels are a different kind of are found in grocery shops in both frozen or canned.

Cobs can be eaten by simply boiling them and serving them with melted butter.

Dried kernels can be cooked for making popcorns on the stove.

Kernels can also be served with soups, salads or vegetable dishes.

Other products of corn like corn flour can also be used to make tortillas and homemade chips.

The Bottom line

So guys as we can all establish the simple fact that corn is definitely not the best option for the keto diet. Primarily because of the fact that it contains carbs which are far more than the permissible limit of a standard keto diet.

Corn, however, can be eaten by people following targeted keto diet which involves physical activities like sports.

Corn products may contain toxic compounds like aflatoxin which may cause allergies to the body.

So, keto people out there if you have options other than corn, go for it because corn may be nutritious but not the best option for keto. However, it is best if you have corn after your workout.

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