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What is Egg Fast ? Is it good for keto ?

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Well ever since I started keto, there have been instances where the rate of weight loss was getting slower. I came across something on the internet known as egg fast and it was a good solution to increase the rate of weight loss.

Now, the first thing we should know is what is an egg fast?

Well, as the name suggests, egg fast is a diet plan which requires fasting with the intake of only eggs to meet the protein requirements of the body and cheese/butter for fats. For each egg eaten, we should consume a spoon of pure fat( butter, ghee, etc.).

This allows a minimum portion of carbs to be present in the diet with high-fat content, and a moderate amount of protein which is best suited for the keto diet.This is mainly done to acclerate the rate of ketosis to lose weight faster and efficiently.

One thing to note here guys is an egg fast is not a diet that can be followed for a long period. It is supposed to be followed for 3-4 days and works within the short stipulated period.

Benefits of the egg fast

Appetite in control – Keto practicers tend to have a problem with the craving of food during ketosis.Consumption of eggs tends to make you feel more full. It is because eggs are rich in proteins.

Proteinsreduce the hunger instigating hormone in our body called Ghrelin. It also raises the levels of some hormones which give you the full feeling after having food.

It makes us lose weight at a faster rate – Egg fast is a very restrictive diet which limits the calorie intake in a very huge way. The variety of foods that can be consumed is very less and hence the calories remain in check. It also helps burn the belly fats.

Reduction of insulin resistance – When a body becomes resistant to insulin, there are high chances of acquiring high blood sugar. According to research, Ketosis is said to reduce the blood sugar levels by making the body receptive to insulin response.

Presence of nutrients throughout the egg – The egg contains proteins, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium. It also contains Vitamin D, B6, and B12. A significant amount of fat is also present in the egg yolk.

These are just some of the benefits of egg fasting especially when we are keeping ketosis in our minds.

The transition that our body goes through during ketosis causes basic irritations like the increased food cravings which can be best solved by the intake of eggs.

Points to keep in mind for egg fasting.

It’s best if we can follow the points which I am going to discuss in the article below to speed up ketosis.

Here are the points :

The first thing you do after waking up has an egg. Don’t forget to brush your teeth though before that.

It’s best if you can have an egg within an hour after waking up. Have eggs more frequently and sort your diet plan throughout the day. Each meal should consider a minimum of two eggs. Best if you can plan your meals out at fixed intervals of 3-5 hours.

Eat the whole egg. Don’t miss the yolk or the egg white for meeting the proper requirement of proteins present in the egg white as well as the fats present in the yolk.

For each egg you consume have at least one tbsp of something which is pure fat like butter, ghee, or cheese.

Plan your meal in such a way that you have your last egg of the day at least 2 to 3 hours before you are going to bed. Stay hydrated as much as you can.

A minimum of 3 liters of water is advised and if you are involved in any kind of physically strenuous activities like any kind of sports, make it 5liters.

It’s best if we can stay away from alcoholic beverages during this period. Some mocktails or cocktails which contain sodas are rich in carbs which can put all your efforts to waste.

An egg fast is similar to egg diet in some ways but it is completely not simply because of the fact that lean meat is allowed on the egg diet along with the eggs.

Some easy go-to egg fast recipes

Here are some basic easy to make recipes you can opt for when you’re hungry :

Scrambled eggs – Scrambled eggs are one of the easiest and delicious ways to kickstart your day. You can just eat it simply or sprinkle some cheese(any kind) and enjoy it.

Egg salads are one of the healthiest things you can have during lunch. Super easy to make and super tasty.

Boiled eggs can be eaten as a snack throughout the day. Half boiled or omelet both works dinner with cheese.

Some problems of egg fasting during keto

Egg fasting is supposed to accelerate your rate of ketosis but one should keep in mind that it is a short term implementation.

If we start continuing the diet for a long time, we would starve our body of the other varied nutrients which are essential for proper bodily functions. Eggs do not contain fibers that are required for proper bowel movements and digestion.

So, one should always keep in mind the time period of the diet. Sometimes our body cannot cope up with this diet as it can be quite energy-draining if someone is engaged in heavy physical exercises.

If one feels weak or tired easily, it is advised to quit the diet for a while and try again later when the body can cope up with the change.

People having liver or kidney issues should refrain from this kind of diet simply because of the fact that the necessary nutrient required for the healing or proper working of these organs is not fulfilled only through eggs.

Not sure about it?

Don’t worry guys, if you’re thinking whether it is the best option for ketosis or not, it’s not gonna have a bad effect on your health. It has worked wonders for many people throughout. It is true that our body is not always prepared for the fasting and we may sometimes feel weak.

The good news is we can abort the process and stick to our pre-egg fast diet plan.
One of the main points that we should keep in mind during this diet is not to overdo it when we start to see the result. Overdoing might be hazardous to health.

If one faces any kind of health problems during the egg fast diet and it continues causing problems, it is best you talk to a doctor and have a check-up.

Good luck guys and go easy on yourself and keep your focus on the mentioned points to get optimum results for the diet.

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