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Are mushrooms keto?

Are mushrooms keto?

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Are mushrooms keto?

People are opting for keto diet to lose weight for quite a long time and it is getting popular with each day passing by. The keto diet is now practiced by many celebrities all around the world for its benefits.

The keto diet is a low carb diet. Hence, we need to have some basic ideas about some food which is keto-friendly.

I was also surfing through the web for healthy food which is also keto-friendly.

One such is mushrooms. They belong to the fungi family and are very nutritious.

So, this article talks about the keto-friendly nature of mushrooms in the keto diet.

So, Is a mushroom a good option for keto?

Our main aim in the keto diet is to attain ketosis as swiftly and fast as possible. Keto diet requires us to not only reach ketosis but to stay in ketosis to ensure the proper utilization of fats for generating energy. This requires us to consume food that has the lowest amount of carbs in it. One cup of mushroom roughly contains 2-3 gms of carb but which makes it a perfect food for keto as one should have carbs less than 20 gms throughout the day. In other words, the mushroom is a keto-friendly food. However, there are other important health benefits of mushrooms which also make it very crucial and beneficial to us during ketosis.

Nutritional content of Mushrooms

Like many other foods, mushrooms have quite a lot of nutrients in it.

There are a variety of mushrooms out there, of which not all are edible, however, the edible ones more or less have the same nutritional content.

One cup (96 gms approx) of raw shredded mushroom contains :

Protein 3gms

Carbohydrate 3.1gms

Calcium 2.9mg

Iron 0.5mg

Magnesium  8.6mg

Phosphorous  82.6mg

Potassium  305mg

Sodium  4.8mg

Zinc  0.5mg

Copper  305mcg

Selenium  8.9mcg

Vitamin C  2.0mg

Vitamin D  0.2mg

Folate  16.3mcg

Choline  16.6mg

Niacin  3.5mg

Mushrooms are also rich in abundant amounts of Vitamin B, which include thiamine, riboflavin, B-6, and B-12. This proves how keto-friendly mushrooms are. The low amount of carb and the presence of natural dietary fibers suggests how perfectly balanced it is for keto fulfilling the basic guidelines for the diet.

Health benefits of mushroom

Looking at the nutrients present in mushrooms, we can have a fair idea of how beneficial it could be for our health. It is rich in antioxidants which help eliminate the free radicals present in our body. For those of you wondering what free radicals are? Well, they are the toxic products excreted by the body as a result of metabolism and other functions.

For example, antioxidants like selenium, choline, etc are found in the mushroom.

The antioxidants present in the mushroom are said to prevent various types of cancer like lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer and other types of cancer as stated by the national cancer institute. Cancer patients are treated with Vitamin D supplements, which are present in sufficient amounts in mushroom.

Mushrooms are also helpful in fighting as well as reducing type 2 diabetes. This is because mushrooms contain dietary fibers that reduce blood sugar levels.

Mushroom also contains potassium, Vitamin C, and fiber which is good for the heart. The potassium helps regulates blood pressure and prevents the risk of hypertension. The American Heart Association prescribes intake of more potassium-rich foods for keeping the heart-healthy. Vitamin C deficiency in the body can also lead to a number of heart diseases. Mushrooms can take care of that. Shittake mushrooms contain fiber which is called beta-glucans reduces the bad cholesterol in our body.

During pregnancy, women are advised to take folate or folic acid supplements to take care of the fetus. Mushroom can be a good source of natural folic acid for pregnant women.

Choline present in mushrooms is good for mental health and muscle movement.

Some mushroom keto recipes for keto

mushroom keto recipes

Mushroom is a widely eaten vegetable throughout the world. There are a varied number of dishes for it. Well, some of the keto-friendly mushroom dishes are as follows :

Keto Roasted Mushrooms

They serve as a very tasty appetizer which is very filling and keto-friendly, being low in carbs. It can be eaten with any sauce dip.

 Keto Cheese stuffed mushroom

These are very tasty and helps us feel satisfied when we feel very hungry. It does not make us feel bloated while giving us the feeling of being full.

Keto crab-stuffed mushroom

This dish is served with sweet crab and cheese and is super tasty.

You can also sprinkle mushrooms in dishes. For example, mushrooms are sprinkled in the pasta which makes it taste super delicious.

Wild mushrooms are delicious to taste sometimes but should be avoided at all costs simply because of the chemicals present in them which can trigger various health problems.


So guys, if you are looking for some vegetable which is suitable for keto and has a varied number of health benefits, well, the mushroom is your go-to food.

Apparently, there is no risk in having mushroom during ketosis, however, stay away from consuming wild mushrooms. They are rich in harmful chemicals.

If you can eat mushroom raw, it will be the best possible way you can have it during ketosis. Though it may taste a bit bland, hence you could take note of some keto-friendly recipes discussed above.

And don’t forget about the health benefits of having mushroom in your diet. Even if you are not opting for keto, mushrooms go a long way in proving beneficial for your health.


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