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9 signs of your liver is full of toxin

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Liver is often termed as the battery of our bodies, such is its importance in the human body functioning system. Following are the points to know if your most diligent organ is in trouble or not:

1.Pain near the liver

A mild pain or ache in the upper level of your abdomen might be a warning for your impending liver troubles. The American Liver Foundation has listed over 100 types of liver disease. Some of these diseases are genetically inherited while the rest are contracted due to toxic habits like alcohol consumption and drug use. The pain you generally feel near your liver area is mild but there is no guarantee that it won’t increase from time to time. The liver’s job is not only to detoxify your body but also has a major role in digesting food and channeling them into nutritious products. When your liver is affected by some disease, it can’t operate efficiently and further swells in size causing more pain.

2.Leg and ankle swelling

When you ignore the issue of a toxic liver, it will try to repair itself at the cost of forming scar tissue. The more scar tissues there is, the tougher it gets for the liver to function which further leads to Portal Hypertension. This is, on a basic level, high pressure in the veins of the liver and one of its effects is to cause fluid to build up in the leg. The swelling is visible in the lower part of the leg due to the workings of gravity

3.Weight Gain

When the liver fails to manage all the toxins in your body it stars to store the unfiltered toxins in fat cells. Therefore toxins stuck in fat cells will definitely not let you lose weight unless you try to cleanse your body off toxins.

4.Loss of Appetite

A significant disinterest in food consumption can be an early symptom of liver disease. A liver which fails to perform its basic function of flushing out toxins will give you digestion problem. The effects would be excessive and unexplained vomiting

5.Chronic bad breadth

Bad breadth can be a sign that something is faulty with your liver or stomach. The scientific name to bad breadth caused by liver disease is called Hepaticus. Normally, this is the very first symptom of liver damage.


Allergies are often a direct result of an overloaded and sluggish liver. When there are too many substances entering the blood stream, the brain sees them as allergen and releases antibodies and chemicals like histamines which cause itchy rashes. Just like bad breadth, itching comes normally before other symptoms of liver damage. The allergies are more likely to occur in one’s palms and feet.

7. Yellow skin and eye

We generally associate the yellow skin color with jaundice. Jaundice is not an illness itself but rather a symptom of possible conditions. It normally appears when the diseased liver accumulates an element called bilirubin which is formed by breaking down dead red blood cells. When the body fails to get rid of all the bilirubins, you turn yellow.

8. Dark Urine

This point is related to the previous one. Along with yellow skin and eye, colored urine is a clear indication of abundance of bilirubin in your body. By dark, shades of orange, amber or brown is meant.


Bruise is a result of damage in your veins. One of the very many functions of liver is to produce protein for your blood clotting. When liver is out of order, your blood vessels get weaker resulting in easy bruising and bleeding.

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