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4 lifestyle tips that can make your keto diet more effective

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Keto diet is an eating plan that is famous for quick weight loss. For keto diet, 3 rules need to be maintained. One needs to consume a diet that contains more fats moderate protein and low-curb to successfully lose weight on a keto. Most of the people don’t understand that these are only the basic guideline for keto diet and following just these rules won’t be enough for weight loss. You have to follow a few very important lifestyle tips to get the most out of a keto diet.

1. Hidden carbs

When you are in a keto diet you need to strictly control your curb intake. Generally, it is advised to have 15 to 30 gms of net carbs per day. or 5 to 10% of the total calories should be the carb intake. If you are physically active or you do regular exercise you can consume more carbs. We all know that foods like white bread, pasta, etc. contain a high amount of carbs and those who are in a keto diet avoid these kinds of foods. But a lot of us don’t know that foods like diet soda, milk, and milk alternatives, sugar-free foods, condiments, sauces, processed meat, etc. contain hidden carbs. Apart from the usual high-carb foods you also need to stay away from hidden sources of carbs if you want to make your keto journey successful.

2. Insulin deficiency

One of the most dangerous side effects of low carbs intake is insulin deficiency. low insulin levels make the kidneys excrete important electrolytes like potassium, sodium, etc. So it’s very important to have a sufficient level of electrolytes when you are following the keto diet. drinking sufficient water Besides, hydrating drinks and foods like coconut water, cucumber, lettuce, uncooked spinach, and lemon water amongst others can help in increasing your electrolyte balance.

3. Importance of fat

when you are following a keto diet consuming sufficient fat is very important. Fat is the primary fuel of our body. with the fat right amount of protein must be in your daily diet to stay properly in ketosis. You can eat whole eggs (egg yolks specifically), avocado, olive oil, coconut oil, nuts, and nut butter, chia seeds and flax-seeds and yogurt when you are following a keto diet. These are some of the healthiest fats that will ensure to make you healthy while you are in ketosis.

4. keto and protein

There are a lot of myths regarding protein and weight loss. one of the popular misconceptions is eating more protein helps you lose weight …. there is no denying the fact that protein is important for muscle building. It can even control your appetite. But that doesn’t mean eating protein equals losing weight . Especially when you are in a keto diet you need to eat modarate amount of protein only. excess consumption of protein can harm you when you are in ketosis.

soy and soy products, cottage cheese from low-fat milk, tofu, nuts and seeds, chicken and seafood.
these are some of the protein sources that you can use when you are following a keto diet

There is no doubt that a keto diet is a very helpful tool for weight loss. Not only keto diet but Diets like Atkins, low-carb may help you with weight loss. But it can come with side effects like fatigue, stressed, irritated, experiencing more cravings, headaches, migraine triggers, and nutritional deficiencies.

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